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Pokemon Tag Team Card: Lucario & Melmetal GX



  • Steel


  • Lucario and Melmetal have a strong HP total of 260
  • Resistance to the Psychic
  • Three great moves that can totally profit from a Double Colorless
  • Full Metal Wall provides a lasting shield


  • Steel Fist is an incredible opening shot, obtaining a subtle 50 damage, however, connecting Steel energy from your cards deck to Lucario, rapidly composing for your following move
  • Heavy Impact just lands 150, but if everything gets on well, you can utilize it on your second turn. Play the Double Colorless on the first move, utilize Steel Fist and then combine a Metal Energy card from your hand on your following move
  • It does not deal with the destruction, but it just requires one energy and decreases the pain of your suffering Steel-types by 30 throughout the match
  • By attaching only one extra energy, you can remove all energy from your competitor’s active Pokémon, confirming they are weekly prepared to react to your intense attack.

Ramp, destruction, and protection, this card provides you all in one. Lucario and Melmetal have continued to be the best tag-team yet.


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