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Best Sylveon Plushies Collection to Choose From | Buyer’s Guide

A Sylveon is an evolved form of the Eevee. It is quadrupedal and a mammal that is covered throughout the body with pale cream-colored furs. They have pink feet, tail and ears. The Sylveon Pokemon character has light blue eyes, long ears with blue insides and thicker furs. Moreover, they have a tiny nose and two strip tufts of fur on top of its head. If you adore the Pokemon Sylveon, you are also going to fall in love with the Pokemon center Sylveon plush. These plushies are extremely cute and perfect for home decors.  

Large Pokemon Sylveon Plush

Sanei PP125 Pokemon All Star Collection Sylveon Plush 

Pokemon Sylveon Plush

This adorable four-legged Pokemon Sylveon plush is waiting for its new home. This Pokemon plush is perfect for home décor, office, bedrooms, living area, etc. You can just put this stuffed animal on a couch in your movie area, giving the area a nice Pokemon look. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Official product by Sanei 
  • Cute and collectible 

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Takaratomy Pokemon Best Wishes Plush Doll – N-50 – Sylveon / Nymphia 

Sylveon Plush doll

The quadrupedal mammalian, Sylveon plush doll, is very adorable. It attracts the Pokemon anime and trading game fans towards itself with its extreme cuteness. This stuffed animal is very soft and you can cuddle it while sleeping too. 


  • Officially licensed 
  • Collectible and giftable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Suitable for 13-15 years   

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