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Fastest Pokemon Gen 8: Complete List

Are you watching Pokemon’s Generation 8? Do you know what is the fastest Pokemon? Yeah, the fastest Pokemon gen 8? No? You are missing some real deal of information, definitely. So, why not fill this information gap? We’ll be sharing the top 10 fastest Pokemon from gen 8 with you in this article.


deoxy fastest pokemon gen 8

This Pokemon landed in generation 3 but has not appeared after generation 6. Deoxys is the fastest Pokemon, considering the Pokemon available in the Generation  8. Do you know what is the base speed of Deoxys? It has a base speed of 180. So, now you imagine how fast can it go when using the maximum potential.


Zacian has come on the surface in Gen 8, so it is one of the newest Pokemon of the entire Pokemon domain. With a base speed of 148, Zacian deserves to be a warrior Pokemon. An associated shield in the mouth puts seal on the type to which this Pokemon belongs.

Zacian fastest Pokemon generation 8


Due its small size and high speed, it can move in such a way that its remains unseen. For a long time, it was believed that it was invisible. It has a special ability of speed  boost  and can go up to 160 as the base speed. No doubt, it is a part of the list of fastest Pokemon gen 8.  

Ninjask pokemon generation 8


Another Pokemon making to the list of the fastest Pokemon ever is the Aerodactyl. It also has a base speed of 150. With the other abilities and attributes associated with it, it can actually do wonders. Have you seen it doing important stuff as one of the fastest Pokemon gen 8?

Aerodactyl pokemon generation 8



Electrode feeds on electricity and has two special abilities i.e. sound proofing and paralyzing contacts. The base speed of Electrode is 150. Definitely a unique combination of electricity and special abilities!

Mega Alakazam

mega alkazam

Belonging to the Psi Pokémon species, Mega Alakazam has the base speed of 150. Tracing is the major ability of this high-speed Pokemon. So, if after watching Mega Alakazam if you have been thinking what is the fastest Pokemon, then you have probably got your answer. It is not the fastest but definitely amongst the top 10.


accelgor pokemon generation 8

This Pokemon was introduced in Generation 5 and have a speed of 145 at the base level. Hydration and sticky hold are the two major attributes of this Pokemon apart from being amongst the fastest Pokemon generation 8.



You must be watching Beedril from Generation 1? Has it made you think, “What is the fastest Pokemon”? If yes, then you should consider yourself a dedicated viewer of Pokémon series as it has made to the fastest Pokemon list.


Zeraora pokemon

The creation of magnetic field and thunder currents are the major traits of this Pokemon from the list of the fastest Pokemon. The base speed of this particular Pokemon is 143. Multiple moves and the learning ability of Zeraora make it the favorite of many. Is it your favorite too?


dragapult fastest pokemon generation 8

A combination of dragon and ghost characteristics has given it a name of Stealth Pokemon. Its base speed is around 142, so you can very well imagine what would be its maximum speed. No doubt, it is included in the list of the top 10 fastest Pokemon. Won’t you agree?

So, have you enjoyed the top 10 fastest Pokemon? This is not it. You can find some of the amazing information about your Pokemon, specifically related to the generations of your favorite character. Stay tuned for more information.  

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