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Pokemon Raichu Plush – 6 best products to buy

The Pokemon Raichu is a bipedal and rodent-like. These creatures are covered in dark orange furs and have a white belly. It has ears that are divided and are exteriorly brown, interiorly yellow and distinctive curl in the end. They also have a round yellow marking on both their cheeks where their electric sacs are present.

They have a little triangular dark brown nose. There are brown fur patches at the end of their arms and feet. Moreover, they have two horizontal strings on their backs. The Pokemon Raichu animals are adorable and a great collection for the collectors. You can easily get the Pokemon Plush Raichu on amazon. 

Find the Best Pokemon Plush Raichu 

Pokemon 8″ Pichu, 8″ Pikachu & 12″ Pokemon Raichu Plush Stuffed Animal Toys, 3 Pack – Evolution Set – 2+ 

Pokemon raichu plush evolution set

This one is a pack of 3 Pokemon stuffed animals. One of them is the Pokemon Raichu which is around 8 inches tall from top to bottom. The Raichu plush is very soft and cuddly. These Raichu plushies are very easy to carry everywhere you go. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Polyester material 
  • Number of pieces: 3 
  • Recommended age: 2+ years 

Sanei Pokemon All Star Collection – PP79 – Raichu Plush7 

Sanei raichu pokemon plush

This little Pokemon Raichu plush is smiling and has a standing pose. Its smile is very attractive and engages its fans. This one has a white belly and ears that are purple and green. The Raichu stuffed animal is waiting for its new home. 


  • Item weight: 3.52 ounces 
  • Recommended age: 13-15 years 
  • Around 8 inches tall 

Get Your Favorite Raichu Plush Pokemon Center Now: 

Pokemon Pikachu Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle Plush Stuffed Figure with Tag Raichu 

Plush pokemon stuffed toy with raichu tag

The Pokemon Alolan Raichu plush is just amazing. It is small and you can carry it anywhere you want because of its lightweight. This 6-inches Raichu is a must have for every Pokemon plush collector. 


  • Mini stuffed Raichu animal around 6 inches 
  • Licensed product that meets the safety of children 
  • 1 name tag included 

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Pok√©mon Raichu Plush Stuffed Animal – Large 12″ 

Raichu pokemon plush

If you are a big fan of Pokemon and Pokemon characters stuffed animal, then the Raichu Plush Pokemon center has amazing addition for you. These Raichu plushies are wonderful and they are extremely soft to cuddle. This one is purple and orange in color. 


  • Material is very soft 
  •  Officially licensed by Pokemon Merchandise 
  • Suitable for 2+ years  

Hasbro Pokemon Bean Bag Plush – Raichu 26 

raichu bean bag plush stuffed toy

The Pokemon Raichu bean bag plush is a great collectible and a good addition to your collection. It is soft and cuddly. This plush has a very cute face, attracting the fans towards itself. It has different colors in its body, including brown, green, white and red colors. There is also some thread embroidery. 


  • Item weight: 5.6 ounces 
  • Suitable for all ages  
  • Great gift for those who love old Pokemon toys 
  • Small in size 
  • collectible 

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