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3 Best Pokémon Mewtwo Plush to Buy

The Mewtwo animal is a fictional character in Pokémon anime or trading cards. The Pokémon Mewtwo is considered as one of the most powerful and the strongest among the Pokémon characters. It is pink, has mammalian features and is bipedal. Its snout is short but wide. This creature had big, blue eyes and triangular ears. The fur on its body is so thin and fine that it can only be seen by a microscope. Not only this creature is very strong but it can also detect an attack. It is a very slender animal. Pokémon center Mewtwo makes a great plush.  

Find Your Favorite Pokémon Center Mewtwo Plush: 

Here are your few options:

Pokémon Mewtwo Large Banpresto Plush 

Pokemon mewtwo plush banpresto

A Pokémon plush Mewtwo is light pink in color. As they are strong and fights in different battles, they are favorite character of many children. The Mewtwo stuffed animal is a must have for all the fans and collectors. This slender 13-inches tall plush makes an amazing gift for all those who love Pokemon game as well as the anime. It has long slim arms and a furious face. This Pokemon Mewtwo plush gives a very serious battleground look, ready to fight. This one is standing on its toes.  


  • Approximately 13 inches tall 
  • Plush material is very soft 
  • Suitable for 15 months children and above 

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Pokemon Center Original (10.5-Inch) Stuffed Poke Plush Doll Mewtwo Toy 

This Pokemon Mewtwo plush toy is a bit larger than the normal plush size. It is very soft and cuddly. You can take this stuffed animal anywhere you want and in your adventures. Moreover, you can put this Mewtwo plush doll in your room or in an area where you watch movies as a decorative toy.

Or, you can use it to cuddle while you go for sleeping. This way, you sleep and wake up with your favorite plush doll on your side. Its body is all over pink but the belly part is a bit more pigmented, giving a distinguishing look. 


  • Size: 10.5 inches tall 
  • Suitable for all ages 
  • Item weight: 0.32 ounces 

Sanei Pokemon All Star Series PP20 Mew Stuffed Plush, 6.5″ 

Pokemon plush mewtwo

The Pokemon Mewtwo uses its two feet to move. It has a long slim tail, two short arms and legs. This little one is adorably cute and is in a sitting position. The whole body is of light pink color. It has large, blue eyes, and two triangular ears. There is thread embroidery work in this plush as well which is in fine details. There is a yellow or orange circular patch underneath both its foot. It is a very wonderful and cute addition for a Pokemon stuffed animal collector as it will enhance the beauty of the entire collection. 


  • Officially licensed  
  • New and sealed 
  • Makes an amazing gift 
  • Very limited and a great collectible 
  • Ideal for 13-15 years kids 

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