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Pokemon Team Rocket to the rescue adapted by Maria’s Barbeau best friends forever

In this story, Pokemon Team Rocket is on the adventurous mission.

Bonnie sank to our Pokemon were so happy together Wow Bonnie what a nice song accent pika pika Pikachu agreed I call it the squishy song Bonnie told her friends.

Bonnie had found squishy the core zygarde on the way to snowbelle city she was on a journey with her brother Clement and their friends ash Pikachu and Serena

Bonnie kissed her new Pokemon on the head they were already best friends I promise I’ll never leave squishy she sang my sweet squishy that’s you back by the river squishy was trying to nap but something was wrong hey squishy.

Bonnie said pan-german chespin wanna play squishy was not in the mood to play that sense that its friend was in trouble but squishy was too tired to move I think you’re sad Bonnie said she tried to sing her Pokemon to sleep.

She knew squishy got its energy from the Sun I’ll care for you and always be with you she sang

squishy closed its eyes and the little pokemons felt saved it hoped that zi would be safe – but z was not safe team flares weevil was chasing it through a cavern dreaded.

John blocked its path z was trapped excellent work sent a Liana a member of team flare team flare was even more dangerous than Pokemon Team Rocket they wanted to catch Z – for their boss – and they had a plan Z – you’re coming with us at

Mable another team flare member but Z – would not go without a fight z jumped high over dreaded Jones head weevil let’s go Mabel shout it weevil pounced on Z  and Z  blasted it with a

green forcefield before we Vulcan attack

Z  sent out a call for help others i guard car cells came all over the canyon they joined together to form a powerful zygarde zygarde let out a roar and charged head dreaded on spell II dreaded

Jon slammed against a cliff do it shout at Mabel team flare aimed their blasters at zygarde but zygarde was too fast and dumped a weave between the blasts use dragon pulse alianna yell dry  John built a powerful ball of energy and aimed it at zygarde rocks shattered around the legendary

Pokemon use metal claw Mabel shouted weevil swiped its sharp claws at zygarde. Zygarde twisted its body and swatted weevil away with a mighty roar zygarde let out let loose a giant ball of energy the explosion sent team flare flying zygarde run for safety as it ran the zygarde core cells scattered.

Zygarde turned back to into Z to Z to bounce right into the clutches of team rocket’s squishy just yes now it’s markings are different James said perhaps there’s more than one squishy what luck. Jessie cried we’ve struck squishy cold you’re ours now Meowth with perd but teen Flair stood in front of Pokemon Team Rocket with their blasters aimed at z. It’s the glasses.

Gantt team rocket shot it jesse threw herself on top of z to protect it. James and Meowth piled on top they would not let team flare steal their boss’s new pokemons. Inkay destroy the Ray that way James colt psybeam Touche in case psybeam knocked the blaster out of Mabel’s hands all right gorgeous Jessie cult use seed bomb team flare fell to the ground in a storm of seeds

Pokemon Team Rocket fire flood with Z – ugh I can’t run anymore Jessie said they ducked behind a large rock let’s take a cab next time sent me out with Z – whimpered in James’s arm Jessie remembered spying on squishy and Bonnie that twerp squishy gets its energy from the Sun.

She said time for some tanning James said he scampered up at all rock and plays Z – on top Z – soaked up the Sun race success James said you’re green with oh you’re not getting away this time Aliona cult team flare was back playing tag is pointless and boring not on your life James cult.

He cradled z + to his chess dragon pulse go Aliana called a Liana’s stratagem blasts a team rocket but James whoa buffin use Mirko to send pulse right back at Troy dodge on that giant dragon type Pokemon fell with a grunt whap Buffett rules.

Team Rocket shouted but the battle was not over yet use icy wind Mabel called to her weevil. Weevil flew high up into the air and blew its frozen breath right at Pokemon Team Rocket the cold sent them blasting off again now let’s wrap it up Aliona sick team flares Pokemon Circle Z  and Z but Z  still had some moves up it on its own it’s sent out a call for help zygarde core cells came from all over the cliffs and beyond Z  grew into a powerful more powerful form of zygarde that’s power.

Aliana said it’s the real deal zygarde roar and unleash a dragon pulse so strong it blasted a crater into the ground team flare hid behind a rock Zygarde reared up let loose another giant pulse. Oh No ally and I said not again Char Char Char isn’t switched in and scorched zygarde with a flamethrower a stranger stepped up beside Mable and Ileana.

The boss sent me to buy you some time he told team flare be ready not sure isn’t he called use Dragon Claw zygarde was too strong for char wizard with one slot it lasted the fire flying-type pokémon the stranger spoken to its wristband respond to my heart Keystone he said beyond evolution mega evolve team flare watched as Charizard became mega Charizard X dragon cloth the stranger called mega.

Charizard X scooped into the air and attack zygarde with a fiery rage dodge hit slam mega Charizard and X and zygarde rammed into each other with equal force full power now Mabel ordered team flare blasted zygarde with everything they had the force was too much for my guard these are Girt core cells flood and zygarde turned back into z enough the line z.

Mabel said she grabbed the Pokemon and placed it into a glowing cage back in the woods Bonnie scooped up squishy into big hug she could tell when squishy was sad everything will be okay she told squishy I’m right here with you.

Oh squishy and Bonnie would find z and rescue it from team flare but for now squishy was happy to have a best friend like Bonnie to keep it safe.

The end.

Video for Pokemon Team Rocket Adventure:

Video Credit: Ju Lim

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