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Pokemon Books – The Ones You Must Have!

Are you a Pokémon freak? Actually, we should not have asked this question. You being here actually explains it. Agreed? Well, if you are looking for something new about Pokémon apart from the ongoing seasons and the official games, then here we are with a wonderful addition to this. What is it? Pokémon Books!

We understand that you have only been focused on watching the anime and then shifting to the Pokemon card games. But there is a lot more to it. Read further for more details!

You can buy the Pokemon Books and learn a lot about Pokemon adventures to fulfill your desire to know everything about your favorite characters. If you still don’t believe that you can read more about Pokemon stuff, let us share with you some famous books from this special niche. We are sure you’ll buy all of them right away. So, let’s see!

Pokemon Books to Buy!

With a lot of variety in the Pokemon Adventure books for kids, you might not find your first choice. So, in order to make this process a bit easier for you, we’ll share a brief overview about the books. Let’s start with one of the best ones that everyone has been looking for. Don’t know about it?


Yeah you have read it right. Pokémon Anatomy book i.e. Pokenatomy!

Although this is an unofficial book, but we are sure that anything that can help you in knowing more about your favorite characters would not just be missed just because it is coming from an unofficial source. Especially when you are going to have a complete knowledge about the internal structure and their resemblance with the features of some of the animals that we know. If you are ready to embark on this exploratory journey, then let us get going.

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What to expect from Pokenatomy:


To raise your excitement bar, let us tell you that this book is of around 300 pages. Yes300 pages of explanation about the anatomy of your favorite Pokémon characters. We bet you won’t be able to finish it one day, no matter how big of a fan are you. Can you? Consider it a challenge.

Anyways, we were telling you about some of the highlights from the Pokémon anatomy book. You don’t have to rely on the anatomy of your favorite characters only rather this book also helps you in understanding some behavioral biology associated with these characters along with the scientific principles.

You can consider it a mixture of fiction and reality where some similarities between the actual animals can be drawn while studying the anatomy of Pokémon whereas some of the characteristics and features are purely imaginative, providing the powers that are the specialty of your favorite character.

How many characters are covered in this Pokémon Anatomy Book?

Pokenatomy: Pokemon anatomy book

Shouldn’t it be a surprise? But let us share some of the Pokémon characters for which you’ll find the anatomy. Metapod, tangelo, Raichu, Bulbasaur, Vulpix, Squirtle, JigglyPuff, Voltorb, and Lapras are some of the characters that you are definitely going to find in this book.

How many formats of this anatomy book are available?

There are four formats in which you can buy Pokenatomy. There is a leather-bound cover for the people who are extremely sentimental about the Pokémon, then comes the hardcover copy. You can also get the soft cover copy or the digital copy of this amazing book. All you need to do is place your order.

Let us warn you that you might not get this book later if you are planning to order it at some other time. This Pokémon anatomy book is in high demand. So, it is better to book your copy today.

Don’t forget to keep us posted about your feelings towards the book. We’ll be waiting to know the anatomy of your favorite character. Place your order now.

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Pokemon Super Deluxe Essential Handbook

Pokemon Super Deluxe Essential handbook amazon

This Pokemon Book is for the newbies in the field who want to know more about Pokemon and the essential things to know about the game play.

Pokemon Super Deluxe Essential Handbook contains information about 800 Pokemon from the anime series. Isn’t it a great handbook to have? With this book to read online, you cannot only spend some valuable time but also understand the powers and special characteristics that each of the Pokemon. This will help you in card tournaments and booster pack buying.

The best thing about this Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook is that it is simple but colorful to grab the attention of readers. It is a comprehensive attempt made by the writer to make all the information available for the Pokemon fans at a single place. With 64 pages specifically dedicated to Sun and Moon Series characters, you can know everything about the latest series too. Isn’t what you have been looking for?

We would recommend Pokemon essential handbook to be in your list of Pokemon books to read online.

Pokemon: Classic Chapter Book Collection

Pokemon classic collection book to buy online

Do you know there is another classic from the Pokemon books to read online range? Classic Chapter Book Collection is the book we are talking about.

It contains Eight chapters regarding the facts about Pokemon from different series. Besides, you’ll also find the characters from Pokemon Go, so with this book, you can aim to get all the required information to become the best Trainer.

For the people who want to buy it for reading Pokemon stories, they won’t find it fruitful as it isn’t the story book for kids to read rather it is a book for juniors to convert them into trainers.

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Pokémon Adventures – The Pokemon Book to Buy

Pokemon Adventure Volume 7 book

Do you want to read about Ashley, Pokemon and its adventures? Then you need to buy this Pokemon book. It is a 7 Volume set, so you should free up a lot of your time to read each of the volume and to know about the different Pokemon characters that are featured in the games and Pokemon anime series.

It is a book for the children but parents can read it along with them for building a bond and open up avenues of discussion regarding different aspects of Pokemon. It is not just a book that you can read online or free, it is an entertainment opportunity that can bring families together and can provide a constant source of topics to help children and parents to have common interests.

Isn’t that amazing? You can order this book via Amazon; we have placed a link below.

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