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Best Pokemon Plush Pokeball To Buy

If you are a big fan of Pokemon and everything related to it. Then, you may also love the Pokemon plushies. One of the many Pokemon plushies, there are various Pokemon Plush Pokeballs that you will definitely fall in love with. These Pokeballs are extremely soft and cuddly. This Pokeball plush is a must have for every Pokemon lover. Because, this plush will be a new and great addition to their entire collection of Pokemon.

Moreover, these plushies can be an amazing gift for holidays to the Pokemon fans. So, what are you waiting for? Your new Pokemon plushies of Pokeball are looking forward to their new homes. Go on and discover different Pokemon Pokeball plushies to buy.

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Amazing Pokemon Plush Pokeball Collection

Pokémon 4″ Pokéball Plush – Soft Stuffed Poké Ball with Weighted Bottom 

Soft pokemon pokeball plush

This Pokemon plush is about 4 inches in size. The Pokeball has been inspired by the Nintendo games, Pokemon trading cards and Pokemon anime. So, if you know this anime or have played the Pokemon games, you may know about this cute ball. 


  • Weighted bottom 
  • Polyester material 
  • Size: 4*4 
  • Officially licensed 

Pokémon 4″ Pokéball Plush, 2 Pack – Soft Stuffed Pokéball with Weighted Bottom – Pokemon Plush Pokeball

Pokémon Pokéball Plush

This 4 inches Pokeball plush is bottom weighted so that it can easily sit on a surface without rolling over. You can use this cute little Pokeball to play catch or you can just put it on a couch as a decorative piece or a new collection. 


  • Pack of 2 
  • Material: Polyester plush 
  • Officially licensed 

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Pokémon 4″ Pokeball Plush 3-Pack – Ultra, Luxury & Quick Balls – Soft Stuffed Poké Balls with Weighted Bottom – 3+ 

Pokemon pokeball plush multi-colored

The Pokemon plushies Pokeball are suitable for all ages. This one is a pack of 3 and in different designs and colors. The 3 Pokeballs include: The Ultra, Luxury and the Quick ball. It would be a good addition to your collection as it has 3 Pokeballs in it.  


  • Material: Polyester 
  • Size: around 4 inches 
  • Recommended ages: 3 years and up 

Pokemon Pokeball and 8″ Jigglypuff Plush Stuffed Animal Toy – Set of 2 

Pokemon pokeball stuffed animal plush

This one is a set of 2 which include a cute Jigglypuff plush and a Pokeball. This comes in the category of Pokemon Plush Toys with Pokemon plush Pokeball. The Jigglypuff, as always, is extremely cute and pink in color. While, the Pokeball with its simple design gives a very lovely look. They both would be a great décor to your room. 


  • Soft and cuddly 
  • Polyester 
  • Suitable for 2+ years 
  • lightweight 

Pokémon 4″ Pokeball Plush 2-Pack – Ultra & Luxury Ball – Soft Stuffed Poké Balls with Weighted Bottom – 3+ 

Pokeball plush stuffed toys

The 4 inches Pokemon plush Pokeball is a pack of 2. It includes The Ultra ball and The Luxury Ball. These two Pokeballs are extremely soft. Moreover, the balls are bottom weighted so they can easily be put on any surface. 


  • Suitable for 3 years and above 
  • Pack of 2 
  • Polyester material 
  • A great gift 

TOMY – Peluche Pokemon – Pokeball Honor Ball 10cm – 3700936105752 

Tomy Pokeball Pokemon stuff toys

This Peluche Pokemon Pokeball is from the Tomy company. It is about 10 cm in size. This Pokeball is extremely soft and fluffy. It would be a great addition to any Pokemon fan collection. The Pokeball is white and red in color. 


  • Soft and cuddly 
  • Recommended age: 14 years ad above 
  • Lightweight around 0.352 ounces 


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