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Best Pokemon Hats to Buy

If you are a big fan of Pokemon anime or trading game then the Pokemon hats are a must have for you. These hats can be a great addition to your hat collection. There are many options to use these hats. For instance, you can use the hats when going for climbing, hiking or camping. These hats are also ideal to avoid the sunlight in summers. There is a variety of Pokemon crochet hat or Pokemon Sun and Moon hat Pikachu that you are going to adore.

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Best Kids Pokemon Hats to Purchase

1. PopCrew Embroidered Team Trainer Hat for Anime Cosplay Costume, Trucker, Snapback Cap

This Pokemon hat features an embroidered tucker-style cap. You can protect yourself from the sunlight by wearing this hat and look stylish as well. There is a variety of these hats but only in one size.

Pokemon Hats


  • Snap closure
  • Size: around 55 cm to 60 cm
  • Makes a perfect gift

2. Pokemon Unisex Adjustable Stylish Cool Casual Hat Baseball Cap Suitable for Kids

The Pokemon go Pikachu casual hat is yellow and black in color, featuring a Pikachu in the front. It only has one size but it mostly fits everyone. It is perfect for outdoor activities such as hip-hop, hiking, paintball and hunting, climbing, etc.


  • Adjustable plastic buckle back closure
  • Suitable for all seasons but winter
  • Material: Polyester

The Pokemon Ash Ketchum baseball hat is perfect for both the girls and boys who are Pokemon fans. It is in white and red color with green threaded embroidery in front. It is suitable for kids as well as adults.

3. Combination Packaging Pokemon Ash Ketchum Baseball Snapback Cap Hat for Adult Embroidered Adjustable Red


  • 100% cotton material
  • Snap closure
  • Combination packaging

4. Youth Pokemon Hat Snapback Pokemon Pokeball Hat

Catch ‘em all with this Youth Pokemon hat. The material of this hat is very high-quality which makes it comfortable and durable. The hat has an applique of Pikachu and a printed design of a Pokeball.


  • Size: 56 cm
  • Material: cotton twill and microfiber
  • Officially licensed
  • Printed art

5. Kids Hat Youth Snapback Hat Boy Girl

Perfect for both boys and girls, this Pokemon hat is primarily black in color. There is a Pokeball logo in front while there are also some printed characters. These character prints include many different Pokemon characters. The quality of the material of this hat is very good.


  • 100% acrylic
  • Plastic snap closure
  • Ages: 2-10 years

6. Bioworld Pokemon Youth Group Gradient Sublimation Snapback Flatbill Hat

This multi-colored Pokemon hat features different Pokemon characters. These characters also include Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, etc. The design of this Pokemon hat is very unique and amazing. It is suitable for both boys and girls but preferably for boys.


  • Multi fabric
  • Snap closure
  • Perfect gift for Pokemon fans
  • Sublimated group design

7. Bioworld Pokemon Pikachu Winking Embroidered Beanie Cap Hat One Size Licensed New Yellow

This Beanie hat is yellow in color, featuring the Pikachu. The mouth, eyes, and different parts of the face are made with threaded embroidery. This hat is perfect for everyday use. Moreover, the ears of this beanie hat are adorably cute.


  • Officially licensed
  • Ages: 14 and up
  • Acrylic blend

8. BIOWORLD Pokemon Meowth Embroidered Turquoise Snapback Cap

This Pokemon has a light and dark blue shade color. The above part of the hat is light blue while the rest is darker. There is threaded embroidery of the Meowth character of Pokemon.


  • Material: 76% acrylic, 14% wool and 10% cotton
  • Snap closure
  • Official product
  • Perfect for gifts

9. Pokemon The Original Starters Allover Print Snapback Cap Hat Licensed Blue

The hat Pokemon has a dark blue base. The hat features different characters of Pokemon that also includes Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee, and many more. One size of hat fits most people.


  • Snapback closure on back for adjusting
  • Recommended for ages of 14 and above
  • Officially licensed
  • Department: boys

10. Amscan Kids’ Hat

This Pokemon Go Pikachu hat is mostly yellow in color. There is red and black embroidery for some parts of the face. The Pikachu is featuring a laughing face that is also showing its tongue. Go to a party or use it casually, it is suitable for everyday use.


  • Design is plain
  • Adjustable closure
  • Hand wash

11. Pokemon Snapback Gotta Cath Em All Hat

The Pokemon Pikachu hat is featuring bold graphics in brightly colored Pikachu on the front of the hat. And there is a statement print on the brim. This Pokemon anime accessory is perfect for parties, hiking, climbing, or even everyday use.


  • Material: cotton fiber and twill material
  • One size fits the most
  • Officially licensed

12. BIOWORLD Pokemon Pikachu Laplander Fleece Beanie Cap with Ears

The fleece beanie cap of Pokemon Pikachu is a very cute one. The hat is yellow in color with an adorable blushing face of Pikachu. There is also a strand going down the ears to knot for a better grip.


  • Officially licensed
  • Item weight: 2.89 ounces
  • Ages: 13-15 years

13. Pokemon Pokeball Adjustable Hat with Pre-Curved Bill

This Pokemon hat has a customized design, featuring embroidered artwork of Pokeball on the front. Its pre-curved bill keeps the sun and wind out of your eyes. With its adjustable strap, you can fit it to your size. It can be a great gift for someone close.


  • Hand wash only
  • Adjustable
  • Material: 100% cotton

14. Youth Snapback Hat 5 Panel Flat Bill Baseball Cap for Boys and Girls, 2-10 Year Old (Red)

This Pokemon hat is perfect for kids of 2-10 years. It is suitable for both girls and boys but preferably the girls because of its bright red color. You can use it in summer or as a Halloween costume.


  • 100% red and white acrylic
  • Youth size flat bill
  • Snap closure

15. Bioworld Pokemon Character Sublimated Snapback Hat

Don’t worry about picking up your favorite Pokemon character hat. This hat features a sublimated design with fantastic artwork of the most popular characters. The material of this hat is of high quality which makes it durable and comfortable.


  • Material: Polyester
  • Adjustable snapback
  • Cute and a perfect Collectible hat
  • Hand wash only

16. Bioworld Pokemon Charizard Big Face Trucker Snapback Hat with Ears

This Pokemon hat features the famous character of Pokemon, Charizard. The hat is very uniquely designed and because of it, it grabs attention. This hat also has cute little ears on the head. The color of this hat is yellow.


  • 60% cotton and 40% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Item weight: 3.2 ounces

17. Pokemon Gotta Catch ‘Em All Blue Tie Dye Group Slouch Snapback

This amazing tie-dye Pokemon hat is blue in color. It features a blue multi-color pattern all over the 6-panel unstructured crown and has a flat bill. Moreover, there is a 3D embroidered design of different Pokemon characters on the center of the front.


  • The characters are in a group photo pose
  • Snap closure
  • 100% cotton

18. Embroidered Pokemon Go Team Mystic, Valor, Instinct Snapback Baseball Hat Cap

This super cool baseball hat can be your favorite Pokemon go team logo. The hat is unisex so it is suitable for both girls and boys. The design of this hat is very unique and decent with red and black color.


  • Snap closure
  • 100% Polyester
  • Size: around 56-59 cm

19. BIOWORLD Pokemon Charizard Laplander Fleece Cap Beanie with Ears

The Charizard Pokemon fleece beanie cap is an amazing one. The face of the character is on the front and it has an angry face. There is also a strand down the ears to get a better grip by knotting.


  • Officially licensed
  • New and sealed
  • Makes a great gift

20. Embroidered Pokemon Go Hats Generation 2 Team Mystic-Valor-Instinct-Pikachu-Ash USA

This Pikachu hat Pokemon Go has a variety of designs, including the ones with the Ash, Pikachu, etc. There are also different colors in them so you can choose your favorite one. This hat looks very cool and can fit your head very comfortably.


  • Perfect gift for different occasions
  • Suitable for both girls and boys
  • 3 different colors

21. Pokémon Ash Ketchum Embroidered Unisex-Adult Hat Cap -One-Size Red/White

The Ash Ketchum Pokemon hat is mainly red and white in color. This hat is custom-made and extremely durable because of its high-quality material and well-structured. It has green threaded embroidery on the front as well. The size can be fitted to many people.


  • 5 panel
  • Curved bill
  • Cloth and braid
  • Snapback

22. BIOWORLD Pokemon Jigglypuff Embroidered Snapback Cap Hat, Turquoise

The Jigglypuff is a round, pink ball-like character of Pokemon. This hat features the Jigglypuff on the center of the front cap. The Jigglypuff is embroidered and in white color. The upper part of the hat is turquoise while the brim is darker in shade.


  • Material: 76% acrylic, 14% wool, 10% cotton
  • Snap closure
  • Officially licensed

23. Pokemon Ash Cosplay Snapback Hat

If you are a big fan of Ash and love to collect different things related to the Ash character. Then, this Pokemon Ash hat is a great addition to your hat collection. The front of the hat features the artwork of Ash while the back has the logo of Pokemon.


  • Item weight: 3.99 ounces
  • Material: Acrylic wool
  • Adjustable snapback

24. Bioworld Pokemon Pikachu Color Block Snapback Hat

This Pokemon Go party hat Pikachu has a block design with the amazing artwork of Pikachu. The high-quality material of this hat makes it comfortable to wear. It has an adjustable snapback, keeping it fit for most people.


  • Material: Acrylic wool
  • Hand wash with cold water
  • Snap closure
  • Officially licensed

25. Amscan 250723 Pokemon Blue Paper Cone Hats, 8ct, Multicolor, 6.9 x 4.5 x 4.5 inches

These multicolor Pokemon Go Hat Pikachu are blue in color and the material of these cone hats is paper. It is a set of hats for different occasions such as birthday parties. If you want to give a Pokemon Go Pikachu hat event theme for your party then these are perfect for you.


  • Number of pieces: 8
  • 4.5 inches
  • Made in the USA

26. Bioworld Pokemon Gengar Embroidered Snapback Cap Hat Licensed Purple

Do you love the Gengar character of Pokemon? If you do then this Pokemon hat is just what you need. The hat primarily has a purple color. There is bold artwork on the front with the Gengar written with threaded embroidery.


  • Snap closure
  • Officially licensed
  • Ages: 14 and above

27. Bioworld Pokemon Charizard Embroidered Snapback Cap Hat Licensed Orange

The kids Pokemon hat features the Charizard character of Pokemon. You can use this cap as a team cap, using the Charizard logo as your team logo. The logo is made with threaded embroidery. The artwork and the fabric of this hat are done with multi-colors.


  • Officially licensed
  • Snap closure
  • Ages: 14 years and up

28. 2Pcs Anime Hat Pokemon Go Hat Unisex Adult Cotton Baseball Cap Hip-hop Cap Pokemon Hat Cosplay Outdoor Poke Ball Demo Sunhat

These 2 pcs Pokemon hats are a perfect addition to your hat collection. If you love the Pokemon anime or trading game then these are a must-have for you. You can use these hats when going climbing, hiking, camping, beaches, etc.


  • Snap closure
  • Breathable cotton material
  • Size: 21-23.6 inches

29. Pokemon Anime Charizard All Over Print Red Snapback Hat

This hat Pokemon Sword and Shield Charizard is an amazing one. It has a very cool design and color. This Pokemon red hat has an all over printing in this hat with a lighter and darker shade of pink. It is perfect for all ages.


  • One size fits the most
  • Officially licensed
  • Embroidered art

What to Look for When Buying a Pokemon Hat from Amazon?

When you are planning on buying the Pokemon hat, you cannot just go and buy whatever you like. But you need to consider all the basic things so that you may not end up getting the wrong product. These basic things include the following. However, the mentioned things do not seem like a big deal but it does affect a lot.

· Material

When buying a Pokemon or just a normal hat, you should always consider the material. It is because the material of the hat has a great impact on its comfort. The material of the hat should be either polyester or cotton because it keeps it durable. Moreover, if you are looking for a Pokemon crochet hat then wool is the best material.

· Design

Make sure the design that is done on the Pokemon hat is what you want. There is a variety of designs in the Pokemon hats. For instance, you can find different Pokemon characters printed on the hat. Or, there can be net designing on the back too.

· Recommended ages

You should also have a look at the age that is recommended in the product description or features. It is because you can take an estimate for what ages the hat is suitable for.

· Print or Embroidery

There are many Pokemon hats that have printed or embroidered designs. The printed designs are amazing and full of colors. There are many characters and bold statement printed on the Pokemon hat. Or, there is also some threaded embroidery work on them too. So, you can choose the hat of whatever character you like the most.

· Size

Looking for the size is very important because you definitely do not want the wrong size. Although, the one standard size fits the most but still you need to make sure so that you do not get the bigger or a smaller one for yourself.

· Color

The color range in Pokemon hats is very wide. There are many plain colored, light or dark colored and multi-colored hats available. You can choose whatever color you like the most and get it for yourself.

· Logo

In many Pokemon Trainer hats, you may find different Pokemon related logos. You can choose the best ones and use that for your customized team hat. In this way, you get to have a team logo hat of your favorite anime or trading game.

· Adjustments

Make sure if the Pokemon hat you chose to buy has adjustments option. Because, the adjustments will help you in attaining the perfect fit you need.

· Characters Included

When buying the Pokemon hat for yourself, look for the characters that are included in the hat. This will help you in finding your favorite character hat. Moreover, there are also Pokemon hats that include the group photo of the most popular characters of Pokemon.

· Features

Do not forget to go through the features when buying the Pokemon hats. The features will cover all the things you need to know about the hat. For instance, with the features, you can know the pros and cons of buying the certain hat or you can also get to know if the product is original or not, etc.

Types of Pokemon Hats Available

Before buying the Pokemon hats or any regular hat, you must know the different types of hats. Apparently, all the hats look same. However, there are among differences among them. There are unlimited styles of hats according to their size and shapes. So, we have discussed a few types of Pokemon hats for your feasibility.

· Pokemon Baseball Cap Hats

The baseball hat is where it all started. The Pokemon baseball hats have a medium sized curved brim. The front part has a great space which covers the printing or embroidery of Pokemon characters. As the name suggests, these hats are perfect for baseball games.

· Pokemon Snapback Hats

The snapback Pokemon hats are one of the most styled hats nowadays. These snapback hats are not only stylish but they are easy to adjust as well. The adjustment is done by two plastic pieces that snaps together to make a perfect fit.

· Pokemon Tucker or Meshback Hats

The American style classic, Tucker hats, features 100% Polyester mesh back. The mesh back makes it is very breathable headwear option, hence, keeping the head area cool. These hats are usually structured with snapback adjustments for fitting.

· Pokemon Structured Hats

The Pokemon structured hats has stiffer and supportive inside fabric that help the hat in maintaining its shape. It is usually worn by the professionals in the games.

· Pokemon Flat Bill Hats

As the name suggests, the Flat bill hats have a flat bill. The Pokemon flat brim hats come in a wide range of colors as well as materials. Unlike its various colors and material, it always possesses a flat bill. These hats are usually snapback or has a size that is already fitted.

· Pokemon Strap back Hats

The strap back Pokemon hats are usually unstructured hats. These hats feature the self-strap metal buckle closure. The strapback hats have an old school or traditional look in them. These hats are perfect for casual everyday headwear.

· Pokemon Beanie Hats

We all know how the beanie hats are. These hats are perfect for winter, keeping you warm. These are usually made of fleece, or knitted. The other materials of the beanie hats include Acrylic, cotton, and wool. Because of the material, these hats keep the head away from the harsh breezes and cold winds. The Pokemon beanie hats are amazing as they have characters printed on them, giving a very cool look.

Different Times When You Can Use the Pokemon Hats

There are many times when you can wear the Pokemon hat. The hats are usually worn for casual use and also considered as a casual look. The different times when you can wear the Pokemon hats are mentioned below:

· At a Game

Are you a sports fan and go to the stadium to see the live matches? Also, are you a big fan of Pokemon? Well, if you are then you should have the Pokemon hats for yourself. So, whenever you feel like going to a game, be it a school game or a national game, you can wear your favorite Pokemon hat. It is very common to wear a hat to any game, sometimes, it even feels like a mandatory to wear one.

· When Going for Mountain Climbing

Planning on going for mountain climbing? Do not forget to get your Pokemon hat with you to your adventures. You should wear a hat when going for climbing because if it is cold, it will help your head to maintain heat. But, if it is hot outside, it will help to block the sun.

· When Going for Hiking

When you are going for hiking, make sure you have your Pokemon Go trainer hat with you. This will help you in resisting the sunburn and you will have your favorite Pokemon hat with you throughout your adventures.

· When Going for Camping

If you are planning to for camping on a hill side, forest or mountain area, you should carry a hat with you. And if you love Pokemon then the Pokemon hats are perfect for you. Take your favorite characters of Pokemon with you wherever you go and make your adventures more amazing.

· When Going to Beaches

When you are going to beach, you should always wear a hat. And, being a Pokemon fan, you should wear your favorite Pokemon featuring hat. So that, you can show off your love for Pokemon to everyone. Moreover, wearing the Pokemon hat can help you avoid the direct sun.

· For a Team Hat

Using the Pokemon hat, you can customize a specific hat for your team. If you have a school sports team or just a regular sports team, you can make these hats your team hat. The Ash Pokemon hats are perfect for this use.

· Everyday Use

You can use the Pokemon hat for your daily use. Going out for a regular shopping or just for a casual meet up? Wear this awesome Pokemon hat and stop yourself from getting direct sunlight.


The hats are used in all seasons casually. The Pokemon hats are a must have for every Pokemon anime lover or enthusiast. These hats can be a great addition to your hat collection. The Pokemon game hats have a very wide range of collection which makes it easy for the Pokemon lovers to find the ones they love the most.

The fans can get their favorite Pokemon character printed or embroidered on the headwear solely. Or, they can also get multiple characters in just one hat. Moreover, the colors and designs are also in vast range. So, you have a lot of options too. Make sure to check the size and color before you do any purchases.

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