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Best Pokemon Blaziken Plush to Buy

The Blaziken character is bipedal and chicken-like animal in Pokemon. Most of the body of the Blaziken is red with some beige, yellow and gray color. It can make flame spouts from its ankle. This creature uses its various abilities while practicing martial arts.

Whenever, the body temperature of a Blaziken increases, its power and speed also start to ramp up. It is a very cool character of Pokemon. And if you like, you can get yourself your very own Pokemon Plush of Blaziken. Get these amazing plushies for your home décor or Pokemon collection. 

Pokemon Center Original Plush Doll Blaziken 

Blaziken stuffed toys and plush

The Pokemon Blaziken plush is very cuddly and soft to touch. The Blaziken is firefighter type character of Pokemon. The Blaziken looks like a chicken and has a very fierce look on its face. If you are a fan of Blazken character, then the Blaziken Pokemon plush is for you. 


  • Possess multiple colors 
  • Material is soft 
  • Foldable 
  • Item weight: 12.7 ounces  

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