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Pokemon Ash and The Awakening

This is the story about Pokemon Ash and the Awakening.

Ash and his pokémon have landed on the alone and island of Allah Allah for Ash’s next grand trial he’ll be challenging Manu the island Kahuna in a trial that said to be ashes toughest test yet everyone had gathered at the island ruins for the trial.

To begin the grand trial is part of ulla ulla island challenge said Nana clutching the crystal around his neck to pass he must defeat all three of my Pokemon but he is the catch you must do it with only one pokémon ash gasped one Pokemon that doesn’t seem fair bleep – Rotom Dex uncle nanu.

His trial will test whether a trainer can overcome adversity acerola explained nanos niece was going to play referee. Ash had to choose his strongest Pokemon – Mikan rock tough enough to take on man who is  

Are you up for this? He asked click and rock licking rock let out a determined growl then we accept ash said firmly I was sure you’d give up when you heard about my three-on-one teased nanu.

I hoped you trained of course we trained ash replied then off we go said nanu the Challenger ash from Pallet Town vs. nanu Kahuna of Ola Ola Island acerola announced battle begins

nanu launched his first pokeball out jumped crocodile unleashing a mighty crew car crocodile had defeated licken rock once before but ash wasn’t worried.

Lickin rock had grown up a lot since Len nanu made the first move krookodile mud-slap licking rock dodge dip but crocodile used sand tomb next landing lick and rock in the pit of sinking sand lick and rock quickly left free show.

The sand from its lane as its eyes glowed red way to go lick and rock smile – now use rock throw lick and rock launched hundreds of flying rocks but krookodile switched them away with its tail none are you Sneed? Can’t you see it’s useless to win a Pokemon battle. You must use your best attack, he advised.

Ashe realized that to be krookodile he had to get closer but was licking rocks ready to try a new move lick and rock growled to ash the Pokemon was ready and had a new move that might just work. I hear you smile – use Excel a rock this time the move was just too powerful for crocodile the darkness pokémon fell to the floor licking rock wins acerola declared.

“You did it” ash hugged lickin rock one battle down next up was Sableye who opened with Shadow Ball ash and lickin Rock countered with rock throw mean look. Nanu commanded next which froze licking rock to the spa Sableye struck again with shadow claw but licking rocks eyes glowed red again stay calm as shouted he had to think fast.

Sableye was too far away to try bite rock throw wouldn’t work either use Stone Edge he cried Nana gasped as Little Rock slammed on his paws causing the ground in front of him to crack a huge stone mound appeared trapping Sableye way to go ash chewed.

Sableye is unable to battle called acerola lick and rock wins one more win and Nash would pass the grand trial but lickin rock was looking tired. Would it survive another battle just then everyone looked up as a dark shape appeared overhead it was taboo bulu. All the rulers Island Guardian dropped a berry flash to catch Sitrus berries restore pokemons strength forum deck

blank ash fed it to lickin rock who gladly accepted the island Guardians gift.

Ashin lickin rocks final opponent was an allele in Persian it began the battle with power gem blasting a stream of blue light from the jewel on its forehead the move sent liquor rock tumbling ash had to counter quickly use Stone Edge he said when lick and rock had recovered.

The move worked Persian was hit but it wasn’t defeated he really has been training smiled nanu so Nicola rock would be just fine without you. What do you mean said ash through gritted teeth. Licking rock would get even strangled without you said nanny a Pokemon should choose the trainer who is best suited to them Ash’s cheeks burned red are you saying I’m not he growled we’ve been together ever since

It was a rock rough it even evolved nanu his plan was working. Ash’s rising tempo was making him lose focus the island Kahuna quickly launched his next move. Persian used dark pulse ash was slow to react shake it off he called to lick and rock lick and rock fraud and broke free from the Persians attack it fought back with Excel a rock but Persian news to dark pulse again ash was puzzled why do you keep using the same move.

He asked Nana I like the look in its eyes see for yourself. Nana replied as ash approached licking rock its eyes glowed a deep red with rage nanu had deliberately tried to make lick and rock mad just as he had done to ash to distract him self-destructing just as I planned.

Nandu laughed we’ll never do that ash shouted furiously but lick and rock was out of control when ash tried to make his Pokemon calm down licking rock turned on him knocking him off his feet licking rock that’s ash cried Rotom Dex ash sat up clutching his side he looked into licking rocks red eyes.

This time he understood what was happening anger isn’t turning your eyes red eyes. She smiled you’re boosting your power ruff growled click and rock that tackle was the wake-up call I needed said ash dickin rockin keep its cool even when its eyes go bright red doctor update complete.

Buzz droid him Dex back to the battle said ash Meadows shrugged he’d thought the trial was over prepared to lose he warned multiple night flashes Persians swiped that lickin rock delivering blow after blow but lickin rock stood firm.

The two Pokemon lept into the air together before licking rock struck first in the move that Ash had never seen yes smile – he used counter men who had to up the stakes never thought I’d have to use this he said he took the dark crystal from around his neck and clipped it into his earring the darkanian’s a crystal would allow a person to perform an incredible z move use black hole.

Eclipse Nana told his Pokemon the sky turned black ash had to act fast a V move for a Z move he said. Continental crash lip and rock launched an enormous Boulder to quickly smother Persians Eclipse Nick and Roxy move cancelled out the other Z move Rotom Dex bleeped with Persian stunned ash and lick and rook used Excel rock to defeat.

Manny’s third pokémon at last Persian is unable to battle acerola announced three wins give a sh and lick and rock the victory we won laughs – ash. Well done kid said nanny nobly you’ve earned a dark-type see crystal but you’re not suited to the dark. Are you?

Ash’s jaw dropped were all his efforts about to go to waste. Take this instead said Nana handing him a small brown crystal a Laconia musi. It can only be used to launch a Z move with lickin rocker ash had never seen a crystal like it before Wow for me he smiled.

With the trial complete soon it was time to head back to Millie Millie Island come again soon ash said acerola. Visit us at the pokemon school too.  Ash smiled back as Ulla Ulla port disappeared into the distance ash talked to his Pokemon

Let’s keep getting stronger and past the next grand trial he was determined to be the very best trainer he could be pika squeak – Pikachu Bradley.

Ash and his pokémon have passed their third grain trial with three wins now for Villa Kenyon.

Video Pokemon Ash and Guiding an Awakening

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