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Pokemon Rowlet Plush

The Rowlet is a Pokemon character who is small in size. It looks like a young owl that has short legs and a round body. The plumage of this creature is mainly beige with white insides. It has big black eyes and a chubby beak. It diets through photosynthesis. Moreover, this animal is nocturnal in nature. Pokemon center had launched many Rowlet plush that are just adorable. Go through the mentioned Rowlet Plush Pokemon and get your favorite ones. 

Cute Rowlet Plush Stuffed Toys

Anime Poke Rowlet 12 Inches Plush Doll 

rowlet pokemon stuffed toys

The 12 inches Rowlet Pokemon plush is primarily light brownish. Its stubby beak is white on the upper side and orange on the lower side. It has two leaves on its belly area that is going towards the sides. 


  • High quality  
  • Giftable 
  • Suitable for all ages 
  • Soothing toy 

DorkSin Rowlet – 10″ Anime Pocket Monster Plush 

dorskin rowlet stuffed toys

The Rowlet Pokemon plush is very charming and cuddly. You can take this little plush to your bed and sleep with your favorite character. Or, you can also use it as a decorative piece in your home. Its filling is also very soft. This toy comes in the category of plush doll toys.  


  • Collectible for ages above 13 years 
  • Around 10 inches in size 
  • High quality 

Pokemon Center Original (14-Inch) Poke Plush Doll Rowlet (Mokuroh) 

Pokemon centre rowlet plush

This Pokemon Rowlet Plush is incredibly adorable. You just cannot resist the cuteness of this one. These lovely plushies are perfect d├ęcor for your bedroom, living area, home, sofa, couches or any place you like. You can also gift it to any beloved friend or relative. 


  • 11 inches tall 
  • Item weight: 1.31 pounds 
  • Officially licensed  

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Yuncheng Baby Gift Toy Plush Toy Plush Doll Figurine Toy Pet Pillow Animal, 20cm New Plush Doll Rowlet Soft Stuffed Toy Kids Toys (Color: 20cm Rowlet) 

Rowlet Soft Stuffed Toy Kids Toys

This Rowlet plush is one of the many stuffed animals that are a great comfortable companion. You can also unfold this little one to make a soft pillow out of it. This one has carful designs which makes it the best gift for yourself as well as the others. 


  • An ultimate gift 
  • Best cuddlers 
  • Material: cotton 

Anime Poke Rowlet 12 Inches Plush Doll 

rowlet stuffed toys

The Mokuroh Rowlet Pokemon plush is around 12 inches tall. It is made of high-quality material which makes it soft and cuddly. It can be a great gift for many events. For instance, you can gift it to someone on their baby showers, birthdays, or holiday presents.  


  • Recommended collectible for 3 years and above 
  • Suitable for both girls and boys 
  • lightweight 

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