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Pokemon Mew Plush – 5 best products to buy

The Pokémon Mew are extremely adorable. They are pink all over. The mews do not evolve but they change. There are numerous Pokémon Mew Plush toys that you can add to your collection. Those Pokemon Mew plush toys also include Pokémon Mew stuffed animal that are incredibly wonderful. You can get the mentioned Mew plush on amazon easily. 

Find the best Mew Pokemon plush 

Pokémon Ditto as Mew Plush – 6 in


mew plush

The Pokémon Ditto is light purple or pink creature that has vestigial facial features. The face of Ditto comprises of a simple mouth and eyes that look beady. It has a power of changing itself to an exact copy of any physical object. The Ditto is very cute and has two short arms, two legs and a long tail. 


  •  Recommended age: 6 month and above 
  • Lightweight 
  • Soft and cuddly 

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Pokémon Plush Mew 8 Inch 

Pokemon pluh 8 inch

This Pokémon Plush Mew is a must have for all the Pokémon fans. If you have a collection of different stuffed animals related to this anime, it would be a great addition to it. This one is a soft and small so that you can take it anywhere you want. 


  • Size: 8 inches tall 
  • Soft fillings and covering 
  • Collectible and a great gift 

Sanei Pokémon All Star Series PP20 Mew Stuffed Plush, 6.5″ 

sanei pakistan mew plushies

The Mew plush Pokémon character is a pink, bipedal mammal. It has ears that are triangular and large blue eyes. It has short arms with three-fingered paws. Its fur is extremely fine and thin that they cannot be seen by naked eyes. 


  • Item weight: 3.2 ounces 
  • Age recommended age: 13-15 years 
  • A good addition to a collection 

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Get your favorite Pokemon plush Mew now: 

Pokémon Center: Mew Plush, 16 Inch 

Pokemon center mew stuffed toys 16 inch

This 16 inches tall Mew plush is an adorable one. Its whole body is of light pink color, giving an attracting look. This stuffed animal is extremely soft and cuddly. It has a long tail and blue eyes. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Age recommendation: 2+ years 
  • Covering material is fine and soft 

Sekiguchi Pokémon Moko Fluffy Mew Stuffed Plush, 6″ 


The Mew Sekiguchi is a psychic-type mythical Pokémon character. These fictional creatures are pink in color. They have little hair-like furs all over their body. They have large blue eyes and a cute short tail.  


  • They are so soft to touch and cuddly 
  • Use Pokemon Mew Plush as a Gift 
  • Collectible 
  • Suitable for all ages  


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