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Gardevoir & Sylveon GX



  • Fairy


  • A nice 260 HP
  • Low retreat price
  • Resistance to Dark
  • Three incredible attacks


  • Kaleidostorm requires three energies. Unfortunately, it does not have sufficient slots for a Double Colorless, however, attains a solid 150 while allowing you to alter energy throughout your squad as you want.
  • This works for a pattern for GX attack Magical Miracle, which reaches 200
  • If you possess three extra energy, get your competitor to shuffle their complete hand into their deck, a fierce addition that precisely puts them empty-handed
  • Then, once you have restrained your ultimate, switch your energy one more time with Kaleidostorm to distribute the extras throughout your team, assuring your extra is put to favorable benefit.

The Gardervoir’s card alliance is a nicely-rounded card with lots to love. Fairy Song just requires one energy of any kind and combines two Fairy energy from your deck to your not useful Pokémon, a good early ramp.


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