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Mimikyu Plush Pokemon – Toys to buy

The Mimikyu Plush Pokemon is character in Pokemon is small and its body is almost completely hidden under an old cloth. The small size of the Mimikyu makes it one of the shortest ghost-type characters. The body of the Mimikyu is still unknown because of its disguise. However, its beady eyes can be seen through the holes in the rag. Under the hem, a fringe of its amorphous foot or lower body can be seen. Sometimes, from under its rag, it also extends a black appendage. The rag is yellow, having black-tipped ears. The veil of the Mimikyu resembles the Pikachu. The Pokemon Sun and Moon Mimikyu Plush are very soft and adorable. It is a must have for every Pokemon fan.

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Amazing Mimikyu Stuff Toys To Purchase

Mimikyu Plush Pokemon Stuffed Animal Toy – 8″

The Mimikyu Pokemon Plush is small in size which makes it handy and you can carry it wherever you want. Moreover, you can also use it to gift someone in your life who is a big fan of Pokemon. These are suitable for all ages, especially the kids above 2 years old.

Mimikyu Plush Pokemon, stuff toys


  • Size: 10 inches
  • Officially licensed
  • Lightweight around 0.007 ounces

Pokemon Center 10-Inch Shiny Mimikyu Stuffed Plush Doll

This Mimikyu Plush of Pokemon Center is a cute one with its one ear drooping down. No one knows what is under this disguise of an old rag. But we all know that the Mimikyu is an adorable character of Pokemon.

mimikyu stuff toys for kids


  • Soft and cuddly
  • Around 7 inches tall
  • Recommended age: 3 years and above

Sanei PP59 Mimikyu Pokemon All Star Collection Stuffed Plush, 7″

The veil of this Mimikyu Plush Pokemon is cream-colored. This one is very cute and a great addition to your Pokemon collection. Moreover, you can use it as a decoration in your room, living area or office area.

mimikyu all star collection stuffed toy


  • Makes a great gift
  • Extremely soft
  • Size: 4 inches
  • Ages: 13 years-15 years

Pocket Monster Pokemon Mimikyu Mania Banpresto Plush B

The Pokemon Mimikyu Plush is very small in size. You can take this cute one with you in any of your adventures. The Mimikyu stuffed animal has a very innocent face which makes the fans fall in love with it.

pocket monster pokemon mimikyu plush


  • Soft and satisfying to touch
  • Around 13 cm in size
  • Recommended age: 15 months and above

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